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School of Biology
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This is where we invent life



This is where we invent life.

Since its foundation in 1992, EBI has placed life at the heart of its engineering training to face the challenge of improving health, well-being, safety, adaptability and functionality through innovation. Understanding of biological mechanisms is represented by our graduates in every engineering profession, from research to production and from innovation to market launch. This is especially true for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and environment industries.

With its new eco-responsible one-hectare campus in the city centre, open 16 hours a day, EBI fully expresses its mission as a talent incubator and an open innovation melting pot.  At the heart of a Technoparc that includes the Cergy sports ground and the ParisSeine University, EBI researchers, students and postgraduates give life sciences a creative industrial dimension.

The 1000m² technical platform which is integrated into the Cosmetomics® network allows researchers and students to work side by side on professional equipment. Thanks to EBI’s lecturers, tutors and qualified coaches, students learn to gain confidence in their skills and take on responsibility for several innovative projects that they present to a board of professionals. EBI students also have the opportunity to spend one year on average  in various work placement positions.

The results speak for themselves: 100% of the fourth year students are supported by business incubators in their entrepreneurship projects. Every year, four national prizes are awarded on average and over 2% of our alumni have set up their own company, which is twice the national average.

But there is so much more to EBI.  The school also offers a resourceful educational background that combines industrial skills with personal, intercultural and emotional dimensions. General knowledge is developed through the Agora cultural program and linguistic skills can be improved thanks to our Babel language centre.

Each student spends at least one semester abroad and studies exclusively in English during their third year (first engineering cycle year). We also encourage artistic activities with twenty associations (for example dance, theatre, music, cinema) that, with the help of professional graduates, allow students to express themselves creatively.

EBI was the first French Grande Ecole to stop any form of ranking in order to boost team work, inspire students to use their talent to take on any challenge, and live the EBI motto: Combining passion and career.

Recruiters tell us our students are greatly talented… Experience has shown us that this talent allows them to invent creative and innovative ways of living for all of us, all over the world.

Florence Dufour, Managing director and Founder of the EBI  

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