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School of Biology
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EBI Portraits


    Sales Manager Middle East, Suez, graduated in 2008

    “My team and I are in charge of developing the group’s activities in the water and waste sectors for public clients in the Gulf and Iran. This is a new challenging opportunity for me as I left the engineering world to join that of investors, manufacturers and operators.  EBI’s training stands out because, from the very first year, you are trained to understand the expectations of the industrial world and to apply theories in the practical professional world"

    EBI’s strengths: technical skills – understanding of the professional world – international openness


    Senior Scientific in Immunology, Sanofi, gratuated in 2004

     “I am a researcher specialising in immunology. My job consists in carrying out pre-clinical studies for the development of new drugs that modulate the immune response in cancer patients or patients with autoimmune diseases. Besides allowing me to gain good practical and theoretical knowledge of the biological field, EBI also helped me find out what career path I could follow in this field. With this in mind, and after my internships and the projects I worked on, I chose my professional specialisation.

    EBI’s strengths: Organisation - Adaptation – Networking”


    General Manager, DKSH, graduated in 2010

    “I am based in Laos where I manage 120 people working in sales, regulation, pharmacovigilance and the supply chain to provide quality medication. EBI’s position as a generalist school allows for real versatility. It is also one of the rare engineering schools that trains you in business acumen, a crucial skill for a manager"

    The + of EBI: Project management - Critical and qualitative analysis - Versatility”


    Regulatory Affairs Coordinator, Fashion department Chanel, graduated in 2007

    “When I joined EBI, I wanted to major in Quality and Regulations to work in cosmetics. EBI’s general teaching approach allows you to adapt to different sectors of activity. I was able to discover the world of fashion as a method engineer, and more specifically as a REACH project manager, a European regulation on which I had been trained. This level of expertise was instrumental in entering the professional world"

    The + of EBI: Versatility – Multidisciplinary skills - Teamwork


    Quality Control Manager, Clarins, graduated in 2011

    “I’m currently in charge of the quality control of finished products. I manage five technicians, and also deal with the follow up of the first industrial batches during the launch of new references. EBI offers  “à la carte” training. Thanks to EBI’s major/minor system, the various projects and internships, you can refine your professional project"

    EBI’s strengths: Reactivity - Ability to synthesise - Adaptability


    Managing Director, Coptis Asia-Pacific, graduated in 2011

    “I develop IT solutions for Cosmetics R&D laboratories. I have to manage think tanks and implement long and short-term strategies. Although EBI’s training is for specialist engineers, they open it up in a way that enables students to acquire strong academic foundations while remaining pragmatic and flexible. This allows the students to be more versatile, a skill that is a clear asset. EBI engineers are not typical engineers; they are engineers who move with the times and keep abreast of future developments.”

    EBI’s strengths: Understanding of the profession – Sales techniques – Technical expertise”


    Head of Quality, Nestlé group, graduated in 1995

    “I am the Quality Manager for all the water related activities in the Nestlé group, which concerns 100 factories worldwide. What makes EBI's training so original?  Its human approach to engineering, the closeness with the teaching staff and its deep sense of industrial reality"

    EBI’s strengths: Pragmatism - Creativity - Humanism in practice


    Technical Service Manager for GSK vaccines, graduated in 2007

     “I manage a team of 15 people with very different qualifications (workers, technicians, engineers). My main asset for this position is my ability to communicate. In EBI you do not only learn technical skills. In the fourth and fifth years, EBI students can work on group projects (quality, marketing, process…) where they learn efficient teamwork"

    EBI’s strengths: Ability to work in a team – Communication and Multidisciplinary skills