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School of Biology
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Fast integration in companies

Attractive remuneration and international challenges

 Not only can EBI engineers and young graduates adapt immediately within any kind of organisation, they are also team players, skills that are highly appreciated in the professional world. They build their careers on three pillars: engineering, biology and industry. This can be seen in the national reference survey (CGE) since 60% of the young graduates get their first job in the company where they carried out their end-of-study internship. 91% of the graduates find employment within 4 months and it only takes them 1.6 months on average to find a position. The average remuneration of €34,650 (bonuses included) is 20% higher than the APEC (Association Pour l’Emploi des Cadres- Agency for the Employment of Managers) national average of bac+5 (5 years of higher education) specialised in biology. The salary is the same, regardless of gender, as EBI implements targeted actions that help graduates negotiate their salary.

The scope of the program allows 93% of the graduates to work in the export field, one in two to work on international assignments and 10 to 15%  choose their first position abroad.

Alban Lacaze, found his job thanks to his internship:

"Idid my internship in Research & Development in a start-up, Enalees. Their objective is to create molecular tests for pets that are accessible to vets. In my first month I learnt how to use the laboratory, got acquainted with the staff and management and found out more about molecular biology. I was very quickly asked to take the lead on several projects and became completely autonomous. At the end of my internship, when I was asked to stay on board as a full-time employee I jumped at the opportunity.”


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