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School of Biology
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The EBInnov laboratory brings together all the scientific activities carried out by teacher-researchers, students, international interns, and EBI postgraduates through a transversal and multidisciplinary approach. EBInnov® develops applied research based on innovation, transfer of technologies, patent application and company incubation. The research activities are divided into technological platforms and laboratories each fitted with the latest equipment. Furthermore, the R&D activities meet the industrialists’ needs as researchers carry out tasks related to any given sector and its potential issues. Six patents have already been filed. In addition to publishing more than 40 scientific papers and communications every year, the EBInnov® team also sign 40 industrial contracts and develop 80 innovation projects.


10 laboratories

           35 researchers and postgraduate students

  • Molecular biology laboratory

    Practical work Laboratory: structural and molecular biology, immunology and cell culture

  • Microbiology laboratory

    Practical work Laboratory

    Microbiology and product safety

  • Research Laboratories

    Research in molecular biology and microbiology

    Contracts with companies for product validation

  • Process Laboratory

    Equipped with the same production pilots as in industry but on a smaller scale.

    Practical work on unitary production: separation, transfer. Practical work on fermentation. Industrial development of processes.

  • Analytical Laboratory

    For pharmaco-chemistry and instrumentation practical work. Used by researchers and particularly by postgraduates who need to characterise products as part of their thesis research.

  • Chemistry Laboratory

    Chemistry Laboratory:

    Practical work related to general and organic chemistry and biochemistry.


  • Formulation Laboratory

    Formulation Laboratory:

    Practical work laboratory of reasoned formulation where companies can create products.

  • Sensorial panel laboratory

    Contracts with companies to test products before their market launch.

    The texture, perfume, feel, taste, visual aspect and of course the emotions generated will be taken into account.

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