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Discover our talents

Discover our talents

  • Ladislas DE TOLDI

    CEO – Founder, Leka, graduated in 2013:

    “In my fourth year in EBI, we developed a robot for autistic children for our Marketing project. This school project turned out to be a lifetime project. I therefore created my own company, Leka SAS, to develop and sell this small robot.  Our work in quality and marketing lays the foundations of corporate work and provides us with an experience that definitely competes with the best internships.”

    Your talent: the pleasure you take in presenting your audience with a product.

  • Marilyn CHERRIER

    General manager and founder, Certifirst, graduated in 2008:

    “I helped EBI and its team to obtain the ISO 9001 certification. I also took part in the project assessment of 4th year students and for the last 2 years I have provided my expertise for several “Management through Sustainable Development, always” classes. In 2017 I joined the Association des Anciens (Alumni Association) as Treasurer.”

    Your talent: knowing how to mobilise.

  • Laure VIDAL- - ROUSSEL

    Designer, 4th year student:

    “I’m a self taught artist, it came to me naturally. The graphic arts community is quite diverse and it is great to see one’s work rewarded in a competition. I ranked among the top 10 out of 700 in a publisher’s competition (Editions Kana 2016) and in the first 55 in the Maliki Blog competition in October 2016. For EBI, I designed the laboratory guidelines poster. I was overwhelmed by their trust and I truly hope everyone like the poster!”

    Your talent: conveying a message through art.  

  • Geoffroy MATTHIEU

    Speaker at EBI – Mental preparation – Support – Coaching

    “For several years now I have been a speaker at EBI where I lead creativity and teambuilding seminars based on stage practices and mental preparation. I also provide training on public speaking and limiting beliefs. In my opinion the EBIstes embody real values. I have met curious, audacious, committed and daring people who see projects through to the end; they are responsible, tolerant and open-minded.”

    Your talent: helping engineers open up to others and to the world.

  • Elise BOURCIER

    CEO – Founder, C&DAC SAS – Consulting and Agri-culinary development, graduated in 2014

    “EBI’s main strength is their inter-class network formed by students and alumni from several activity sectors. I was able to rely on this network, that I cultivated from my first year on, to develop my professional and entrepreneurial project.”

    Your talent: Complementary cross-sectional qualities to go on the business creation adventure.

  • Julien OHLMANN

    Strategy consultant, QuintilesIMS, graduated in 2010:

    “I have stayed in touch with EBI since I graduated, either as a speaker or for recruitment purposes within the different school years. The students are autonomous, hard-working and serious, they demonstrate leadership skills that are crucial for engineers.”

    Your talent: Your ability to adapt to any given environment.

  • Magali TOUROUDE

    CEO of Touroude & Associates, graduated in 2003

    “I am very attached to EBI. I had joined an engineering program without really knowing what an engineer was and I had a lot questions about my professional future. EBI guided me and helped me find my career path in Industrial Property Consulting. I created a first company 5 years ago and then another that I am currently managing. I am also launching a new digital service, YesMyPatent, a platform unique in Europe that makes patents accessible to all the inventors.”

    Your talent: innovative entrepreneur for other innovative entrepreneurs.